Packing Bags for Your Study at a Foreign University

Its final and official ! You are going Abroad for further studies ! You have successfully made through the entire Admission and Visa process by now. It’s now time for packing ! Your mind will be filled up with so many things, what to take along and what not. We help you with certain mandatory stuff to take along.


Make sure you carry a small Handbag or Laptop Bag which has easy access to your Passport, Student Visa, other Identification or Documentation required at your School. Carry backup copies of all of your documents in other luggage, in case you lose your handbag. You can scan them and keep them safe in your email id or USB too.

Currency and Money

Our Indian Rupee won’t work in a Foreign country. So get a Foreign Exchange for the Currency of the Country you are travelling to. Carry at least one Debit or Credit Card accepted internationally in case you run out of Money.


Carry appropriate clothes for your destination Country. Check the Climate and Weather conditions at your University / School and accordingly choose your attire. If the weather is cold, you might need more of winter wear. You might need to carry few pairs of formal outfits for specific occasions at your University. Being Indian, you would also wish to enjoy Diwali, Navratri, Id or any other Indian festivals, so make sure you pick up your traditional wear too. Remember that you can buy clothing in your destination country too so do not load your bags just with clothes !

Electronic Gadgets

In this electronic and technoholic era, nobody can survive without few essential Electronic Gadgets. Make sure you carry a Laptop which would be very helpful for your study program. Needless to say, a Mobile Phone and few personal devices like Camera, Tablet, Headphone, Power Bank and most important, Adapters for Electrical Outlets.

Personal Belongings

As you are going to stay in foreign country for a long period of time, you might as well think of carrying some of your important belongings along. Personal Photographs, Books, Medicines, Gifts from your Friends / Family, Eye Glasses / Lens, etc.

Dorm Stuff

If you plan to stay at a dormitory, you will have to carry some stuff for day to day needs. It can include Bedding, few Vessels for Cooking (if allowed), Indian Spices, Laundry Basket, Toiletries, Coat Hangers, etc. But remember, these things will be available in stores at your destination country, so do not carry excess of luggage unless totally needed.

Remember, you can buy anything and everything that you need, in any country. So it would be better to carry those things that you would not find in a foreign country. So Be Ready and Start Packing ! Good luck !