The next few years of your life will have a great impact on your future success. You want the best education and you certainly want to make the correct decision.

Our existence is designed keeping YOU in mind to help YOU pursue the career of your choice in the desired country. We provide expert guidance for Foreign Education. We continue to add countries that facilitate your future planning.

We utilize our expertise and extensive contacts with foreign institutions for obtaining admission. We give accurate and up-to-date information about foreign institutions to the students and help them interpret that information.

We streamline the application process for students. We analyze students’ profile that includes their academic background, areas of interest in terms of further study, country selection, their family’s financial strength, English language proficiency, additional skills, etc. and match with the requirements, academic offerings and resources offered by foreign institutions. We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective package of end-to-end services to take care of all promotional, processing and application needs of a student.

We advice students and parents about the life on campus and provide detailed information, which is first-hand and current. We represent many institutions of various countries for student admission activities. Our expert guidance and counseling result in to an assured admission, hassle-free process and very high visa success rate. Hence, by enrolling for our services, students get the advantage of our expertise that helps them build their career.

Services Offered By Us

We provide one window service to our students. We are with YOU – all the way from today t till the day when you embark on your journey of foreign education. Just to list some of our services to assist you :

  • Assessment
  • Guidance for Selection of Course and Institute
  • Training for various Tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Prepare and Submit Admission Application
  • Counseling for Visa Requirements and Latest Visa Rules Updates
  • Follow-up & Correspondence with the Institute
  • Pursue Possibility for Scholarships & Bank Loan
  • Preparation for Visa Interview
  • Visa Counseling & Visa Application Preparation
  • Visa Application Submission ( if required )
  • Pre-Departure Briefing and other arrangements including Air Ticket, Foreign Exchange and Accommodation