Germany Encouraging International Students to Come and Find a Place for Professional Career in Germany

In recent times where countries like Canada, UK and Australia are tightening the screw on foreign student enrolments, Germany is looking for students and professionals who can light up the economy and the labour market, taking the country forward. German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and German Academic Exchange Service ( DAAD) have launched fresh initiatives to lure students to come and Study in Germany, and settle down in the workforce later with skills coming to the core. Germany is already a popular Education destination with 370000 International students currently studying there.

The first program is called FIT or the “Promotion of International Talent for Integration into Studies and Labour Market” program beginning in Spring 2024. It will provide career support for International Students through various stages of their academic and professional phase. This will be done through Government funding for about 70 projects at designated German Universities of 1 million Euro per project. Germany aims to prepare international students for academic success in Germany and inviting them to settle down into the labour force to take the economy forward.

German Universities are now becoming attractive beacons to invite skilled labour from all over the world. Germany wants to ensure that young people from all over the world have better career opportunities in Germany after successfully completing their studies and contribute to fill out the shortage of skilled workers in labour market.

As Germany is heading towards an ever-increasing gap in skilled workers in their labour market for several years. They intent to make the Germany increasingly popular study destination among international students. Germany is committed to offer international students more effective way forward to a professional career in Germany to use their exciting potential as skilled