Canada Provides Important Update for Requirement of Provincial Attestation Letter and Limiting PGWP for Students of PPP Colleges

According to the announcement of last 05-Dec-2024 by IRCC, "the majority of new post-secondary international students at the college or undergraduate level must provide a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) with their Study Permit Application" starting at 8:30 am ET on 22-January-2024. It also states unequivocally that IRCC "; will return any Study Permit Application received that does not include a PAL, unless otherwise exempt," as from that effective date.

There is an exemption from this rule in certain cases:

1. International students who submitted their Study Permit Applications before 22-January-2024
2. International students who already received final decision for Visa Grant for their Study Permits Applications.

International Students who fall under below groups are completely exempt from this new PAL requirement.

1. Students in elementary and high schools
2. Students pursuing master's or doctoral degrees
3. Students on exchange
4. Students who currently have a valid study permit and are in Canada
5. Family members of study permit holders who are in Canada

IRCC also confirms that starting from 15-Feb-2024, a three year Post Graduate Work Permit will be offered to those international students who will be completing Masters programs with less than 2 years duration. Additionally, IRCC has made it clear that foreign students enrolling in public-private partnership delivered college programs will still be qualified for work
permits after graduation. Any International students will not qualify for such PGWP after 01-Sept-2024 if they join PPP Colleges. However, the date has now been moved up to 15-May-2024 instead of 01-Sept-2024.