Enrolment of International Students in USA Crossed Pre-Pandemic Level in 2022-2023 with Historical Increase of 35% from India

The Open Doors® 2023 Report on International Educational Exchange, released by the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education (IIE), shows that the number of International Students enrolled in US higher education institutions in 2022–2023 exceeded one million and raised year-over-year by 12% – the fastest rate of growth in the past forty years. India and China Remain the 2 major sending markets, while China’s year on Year growth rate has flattened India is still going strong. Furthermore, the number of international students enrolled in all academic levels rose in 2022–2023, a feat last accomplished in 2014–2015.

The percentage of international students enrolled in US colleges and universities has increased to 6% from 4.7% in the previous year. The US Department of Commerce estimates that their economic contribution to the US in 2022–2023 was close to US$38 million. There were 198,793 students enrolled in the Optional Training Program (OPT), with an increase of 7.5%.

As International Students enrolled in all levels of higher education increased in 2022–2023, the rise in enrolment is marked for graduate programs. With an increase of 21% compared to the previous year, 467027 students were enrolled in master, doctoral, or professional degrees. There was only 1% increase for international students enrolled in undergraduate programs with gross enrolment of 347602 students. This was the first increase of this magnitude in the previous five years. 23 of 25 major sending countries to the USA education system saw growth year on year % of students sent to USA. India has seen a historical 35% increase hitting total enrolment of 289526 students to various US Higher Education Institutions in all levels of programs.