Germany is on the Top as a Preferred Destination for International Students

When we think of foreign education in India, we immediately think of countries like Canada, US and UK. Germany is not always on our mind but a fair chunk of students are going to Germany for further studies. Germany faces largest influx of students from China, India, Syria, Austria and Turkey.

Germany’s international student enrollment rose by 8% in 2021/2022 taking the international student count to an all time high of 350000. A strong reason behind this is that German Public Universities do not charge tuition fees for international students outside the European Union. The Universities are free to charge fees and some of them even do but majority of the Public Universities do not charge fees as they recognize the value of skilled people in the labor market, which Germany is facing acute shortage of. 

International students who settle down in Germany post their studies are a great asset in driving the economy. In terms of people staying back to work after their studies Germany is at par with Canada. It has a ‘stay rate’ of 28% which is one of the best in the world. In case of Indians 32% of previous international students go on to immigrate in 10 years time, thus keeping the economy going.

Germany has enrolled about 367000 international students in 2022/2023 which marks fifth year of consecutive growth. The top 5 source countries for Germany are India, China, Syria, Austria, and Turkey having India with highest number of student enrollment of 42500.