Canadian Institutions Need to Verify All Admission Letters with IRCC

Commencing on December 1, 2023, post-secondary designated learning institutes (DLI) shall verify each applicant's acceptance letter with IRCC directly. With the help of this improved verification process, prospective students should be shielded from the dangers of letter-of-acceptance fraud and should not experience the same issues that some students did earlier this year. Additionally, it will guarantee that only legitimate letters of acceptance will be used to grant Study Permits.

A "recognized institution" framework will be adopted by IRCC in time for the autumn 2024 semester, which will help post-secondary DLIs meet higher standards for foreign students' outcomes, services, and support. With over 800,000 international students enrolling in 2022, Canada set a record and has been one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations for the previous five years. But neither a structural increase in student housing nor stronger student safeguards have gone hand in hand with this growth.

Stories about students not being able to find appropriate housing, agents applying fraudulently on behalf of students, and private universities taking more students than they could realistically accommodate began to appear in the Canadian and international media in 2023. Canada also has the least amount of student satisfaction of the big 4 study abroad destinations that are UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Compared to the US, a far greater proportion of post-secondary students in Canada are international. Out of the slightly over 2 million full-time post-secondary students enrolled in Canada, around 800000 are international students. Thus, the Canadian Economy is highly dependent on international students.