Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a modern city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. The country’s territory consists of the diamond-shaped main island, commonly referred to as Singapore Island. The country is highly urbanized, and it’s territory has consistently expanded through land reclamation. Singapore has developed rapidly and earned recognition as one of the Four Asian Tigers.

Singapore is one of nine countries with the top AAA rating from all credit rating agencies and the only Asian country on the list. It is one of the world’s major commercial hubs, the fourth-largest financial centre and one of the five busiest ports. It has high international rankings in education, healthcare, and economic competitiveness. The country promotes multiculturalism through a range of official policies. Singapore’s rapid development has given it significant influence in global affairs, and some analysts have identified it as a middle power.

Why Study in Singapore?

  • Very High Visa Success Rate
  • Hassle Free & Fast Visa Process
  • Payment of Tuition Fees After Visa Approval
  • Study Programs Available with Paid Internship
  • Safe Asian Country with Growing Economy
Explore Singapore As a Study Destination

Singapore Education System

Pre School

  • Pre Nursery / Play School : Till Age 4 years (optional)
  • Nursery : Age 4 years ( 1 year duration )
  • Kindergarten : Age 5 years ( 2 years duration )

Primary Education

  • Grade 1 to 6
  • Children who pass the Primary Six Leaving Examination (PSLE) at the end of Primary 6 will progress to secondary schools.

Pre University & Post Secondary Studies

  • Secondary education starts from Secondary 1 through Secondary 4 ( Special / Express Stream ), or Secondary 1 through Secondary 5 ( Normal Stream ).
  • Students who pass the GCE ‘O’ Level examination at the end of Secondary 4 or 5 will then have to compete for admission to either a Junior College, a Polytechnic or a Pre-University Centre.

Junior college

  • 2 years
  • Junior colleges in Singapore were initially designed to offer an accelerated alternative to the traditional 3 year program, but now 2 year program has become the norm for students pursuing university education.


  • 3 or 4 years
  • Polytechnics offer a wide range of courses in various fields. They provide a more industry-oriented education as an alternative to junior colleges for post-secondary studies.

Pre-University Centre

  • 3 years
  • A Centralized Institute provides a 3 year course leading to a GCE ‘A’ level examination ( General Certificate of Education Advanced Level )
  • Students who pass the GCE ‘A’ Level examination at the end of Junior College Year 2 or Pre-University Year 3, and students with excellent results at the end of Polytechnic Year 3/4 will then have to compete for admission to a local university, either National University of Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Singapore Visa Process